I exchanged a few emails with Hollis before meeting her in Washington Square Park. She had told me I would easily recognize her as she was riding a bike covered with yarn.  And I did!  Her bike is amazing; it has a summer cover and a winter cover, displaying all kind of colors and stitches. Check our Instagram for pictures!  

What is your knitting specialty?
I love knitting unexpected, untraditional items.  I knit a sweater for my bicycle, including bike lock and basket, with different yarns, colors and stitch patterns.  I covered my sister in laws walker as well, garnishing  with pom poms, and hearts. I knit tiny chickens and tiny bunnies.  I can and do knit sweaters, hats, scarves and home décor items, but why knit a sock when you can knit a hat for a chicken?

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in the Greenwich Village, smack dab in the middle of the NYU campus.  Washington Square Park is 2 blocks away, it's like my own big backyard.  I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful historic buildings in town.

What do you like doing when you are not knitting?
When I am not knitting I volunteer on the south end of Governors Island taking care of the 100+ chickens, 2 goats, 2 rabbits, and hoards of honey bees at the Compost Learning Center.   Whether it is 90 degrees, 3 feet of snow, or in nor'easters- someone has to take that ferry boat out there to feed and water the animals, collect the eggs, and make sure they are all ok.

Who taught you how to knit and how long ago?
My grandmother Hillhouse taught me how to knit more than 50 years ago. I wont' tell you how old I was when she did.

How long have you been living in New York?
I have lived in NY for over 30 years.

What do you want to say about your family life, your passion, your dreams?
My passion is NYC and I feel immensely privileged to live in such a vibrant and historic place. Mr. Husband, another passion of mine, shares this never ending interest and we walk and explore different neighborhoods every weekend.