WOOLN brings together talented New York grandmothers and people who want to know where their dream knits come from and who made them

Each WOOLN piece is lovingly hand-knit by a New York senior knitter, using luxurious yarn. We offer you individual and unique items you will love wearing!

We created a cross-generational community of senior knitters, welcoming retirees back into the active workforce and giving their craftsmanship the recognition it deserves. This year WOOLN collaborates with nine grandmother knitters. All the pieces are labeled with the knitter’s name and each grandmother has a biography on this website so you can put a face to the hands who meticulously produced your favorite winter piece, making your overall shopping experience more personal.

But how did it start ?

Being two French transplants in NYC has played a great role in starting up WOOLN. We felt seniors could play a bigger role in the community and be more valued, and as Europeans honoring elders is important in our way of life.  We wanted to incorporate that same feeling into our project.

When we met (Faustine & Margaux) we both wanted to start a business. We had a great connection and instant trust. We brainstormed ideas and came up with an original concept: it involved Faustine’s creative talent, Margaux's experience in knitting and a strong social aspect.

We filed the company early March 2015 (less than 2 months after we met) and we’re very proud to promote our 3rd collection.  

We really want the retired women we work with to feel valued and needed. Having them be part of a project they contribute to and making sure their talent is brought to the forefront fulfills this very important aspect of our business. For the largest part of the collection, our knitters make at least 1/3 of the wholesale price.

And you're wondering... But how did they meet all these incredibly talented grandmothers? 

We found our knitters by going where they are: senior centers! When we started WOOLN we trekked the city going to 40 senior centers in different neighborhoods throughout New York City, putting up flyers, talking to knitting teachers in those centers, etc. We started the season with just 4 knitters, and as word got out about what we were doing, more knitters started naturally gravitating to us. After being featured in newspapers and online articles we received many messages from knitters who wanted to knit with us. It’s always heartwarming and our best reward !